Luppoli – tabella categoria

Name Alpha Acid % Possible Substitutions Flavor Description
Ahtanum 4-6.3% Amarillo, Cascade Floral, citrus, sharp, and piney.
Amarillo 8-9% Cascade, Centennial Citrusy, flowery.
Apollo 15-19% Zeus A high alpha acid varietal known for its disease resistance.
Bravo 14-17% Apollo, Zeus
Cascade (U.S.) 4.5-7% Amarillo, Centennial, possibly Columbus Pleasant, flowery, spicy, and citrusy. Can have a grapefruit flavor.
Cascade (New Zealand) 6-8% Ahtanum, Cascade, Centennial Similar to US Cascade, has floral, citrus grapefruit character.
Centennial 8-11.5% Cascade, possibly Columbus Medium with floral and citrus tones.
Chinook 10-14% Columbus, Northern Brewer, Nugget, U.K. Target Mild to medium-heavy, spicy, piney, and grapefruity.
Cluster 5.5-8.5% Galena Medium and quite spicy.
Columbus 11-16% Chinook, Northern Brewer, Nugget, U.K. Target Pleasant, with pungent aroma.
Galena 10-14% Chinook, Nugget, Pride of Ringwood Medium but pleasant hoppiness, citrusy.
Glacier (U.S.) 5-9% Styrian Golding, U.S. Fuggle, U.S. Tettnanger, Willamette Dual purpose hop with a citrus earthy aroma.
Horizon 11-14% Magnum or a high-alpha hop Pleasantly hoppy.
Magnum 13-15% Northern Brewer Known for bittering value and quality.
Nelson Sauvin (New Zealand) 12-14% Unique hop with grape-like flavor
Newport 13-17% Galena, Nugget Fairly pungent.
Northern Brewer (German) 7-10% Chinook, U.S. Northern Brewer Medium-strong with some wild tones.
Northern Brewer (U.S.) 6-10% Chinook, Nugget Medium-strong with some wild tones.
Northwest Golding 4-5% Known for aromatic properties.
Nugget 11-14.5% Chinook, Columbus, Galena, U.K. Target Quite heavy and herbal.
Olympic 11-13% Chinook Mild to medium, citrusy aroma, spicy.
Pacific Gem (New Zealand) 13-15% Bittering hop with a woody character.
Pacific Jade (New Zealand) 12-14% A “soft” bittering hop with spicy and citrus aroma qualities.
Palisade 5.5-9.5% Perhaps Cascade Some “American” characteristics.
Perle (German) 6-8.5% Northern Brewer, U.S. Perle Moderately intense, good and hoppy, fruity and a little spicy.
Perle (U.S.) 6-9.5% Chinook, Cluster, Galena, Northern Brewer Known for its aromatic and bittering properties, pleasant and slightly spicy.
Pride of Ringwood (Australia) 7-10% Cluster, Galena Quite pronounced, woody, earthy, herbal.
Riwaka (New Zealand) 4.5-6.5% Czech Saaz, possible American “C” hops Citrusy, grapefruit aroma hop
Santiam 5-7.9% German Spalt, German Spalt Select, German Tettnanger Noble characteristics.
Satus 12.5-14% Galena Known for its bittering and aromatic properties.
Simcoe 12-14% A bittering and aromatic hop.
Sorachi Ace (Japan) 13-16% Bittering hop with lemony aroma
Summit 16-18% Simcoe Ultra high-alpha bittering hop
Sun 12-16% Magnum or a high-alpha hop High-alpha hop with intense character
Super Alpha (New Zealand) 10-12% Earthy, piney bittering hop.
Super Pride (Australia) 14% Pride of Ringwood A high alpha variety bred from Pride of Ringwood.
Target (U.K.) 9.5-12.5% Fuggle, Willamette Pleasant English hop aroma, quite intense.
Tomahawk 15-17% Columbus Primarily a bittering hop.
Warrior 15-17% Nugget A bittering and aromatic hop.
Willamette 3.5-6% Styrian Golding, U.S. Fuggle, U.S. Tettnanger Mild and pleasant, slightly spicy, fruity, floral, a little earthy.
Yakima Cluster 6-8.5% Used as a kettle hop for bittering.
Zeus 13-17% Columbus Aromatic and pleasant.